Week 36 Bumpdate

August 27, 2019 § Leave a comment

36 Week Bumpdate

🎉We’re officially in month 9!🎉

Baby is the size of a papaya! Her circulation and immune systems are ready to go and while her digestive system is fully developed, it won’t be used till birth since she’s getting her nutrients from the umbilical cord. The waxy protective coating on her skin has nearly faded. And she’s growing still! She’s putting on as much fat as she can between now and d-day (which means I’m hungry all the time, of course)!

– Penguin waddle, y’all. It’s real. 🐧
– Low blood pressure/dizziness
– Back pain and random Braxton Hicks contractions
– Pelvic pressure and soreness – the bump is so heavy now!
– Dry, itchy skin/PUPPP

Things to remember
– At our appointment last Thursday my doctor gave us his personal number that we’re to call when I go into labor. He talked us through when it’s time to go to the hospital and we briefly discussed my preferences for birth: one more conversation that made us realize further that this is really happening!
– I also went through my b-strep test, which is routine now but wasn’t done back when I was born. Beta strep was the infection from which I nearly died as an infant and the reason I spent 11 days in the NICU. So while I didn’t like the test, I am very grateful for it!
– Last week we toured her pediatrician’s office! I chose Phoenix Pediatrics based on their policy of not letting unvaccinated children in their office—my nightmare is our baby catching a preventable disease that could kill her due to her vulnerable immune system. The doctor who spoke to us also gave us advice on how to be gatekeepers during her first few months of life to guard her from sickness, which made me feel a little better.
– Speaking of putting fears to rest, we did our infant CPR class at the hospital yesterday which was SO informative and helpful. We also sent our preregistration forms in so we’re all set for the next time we pull up to the hospital!

We’re starting to really check boxes off our list. Things are coming together bit by bit and it’s sinking in, finally, that our wait for our little girl is almost over. 💓


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