About Alexis

“You’ve heard it hundreds of times. You say you’re aware, believe, and you care, but do you care enough? Where’s your conviction of the heart?” ~ Kenny Loggins, “Conviction of the Heart”

Welcome to Shorts and Snippets!

I’m Alexis.

I’m 20-something, a MNLM, and owned by 30 horses and a donkey at Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary.

Maybe more of a bio should follow that sentence. But here at Shorts and Snippets, I’ll let my writing speak for itself. Here you’ll find posts about life observations, my travels, important events in my life, and the ranch I run that makes my world go round. Intertwined within all of my posts – I hope – are lessons learned during my journeys through many unknowns. Because in the end, the purpose of life isn’t getting to the end of the road. It’s enjoying and learning from each and every stride.

Pull up a chair and stay a while.

And ask yourself….

Where’s your conviction of the heart?


~ Alexis


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