Thoughts on America’s Education System

April 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have loved school since I knew the definition of the word. I love learning and I love textbooks and I love writing essays and I love giving presentations and I love notebooks and pencils and my own desk space. I remember every teacher I’ve ever had and, except for the very rare one or two, I have loved every single one. Call me crazy, that’s just how I am. I used to get excited for school. I used to get excited to learn things.

But lately, school is draining me to the point where I am simply memorizing facts and reiterating them in order to boost my stupid GPA. I breathe homework, sleep homework, live homework. I study for tests for hours and the second I’m done my brain washes out everything. What stings is that I work a bajillion hours a week on top of school (and interning) in order to pay for tuition (and rent and gas and insurance, ect.) and I’ve realized that all I’m paying for is a piece of paper that will eventually allow me to get a nine to five job. I don’t feel like I’m learning anymore. And I know I’m not the only one who is about to crack. I know other students are more stressed than I.

I want a revolution. I want a new school system. Down with grades. Down with test scores. Why can’t learning be rewarding? Why do we have to do it this way? Who said it had to be done this way? Why are we forcing our children and their children to do it this way? Why can’t we learn and not worry about having to please some school board?? All I know is that enough is enough. This sucks. But what sucks more is knowing that it shouldn’t suck. It should be better. God, do I hope that someday it is.


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