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May 2, 2014 § Leave a comment

Here is the thought process that happened to my brain this morning as I was curled up in bed with my cat and watching Pitch Perfect (can we say first day off in EVER?):

Wow! I’m almost done with college. That means I’m smart. No, wait a minute, I don’t know anything. That’s the mark that I went to college, right? That I’m aware that I don’t know anything? But I know basic shit. I could totally go on that show Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader. At least I know my states. (True fact: I can name all the states in alphabetical order in about 20 seconds.) And at least I know all my continents and countries. Wait, do I? Wait, where is Laos again? And do I know where Mali is located? Or Turkmenistan? Crap, what are the seven seas again??

Yes, I know. Most people I know have wardrobe crises or have kids with major poopy diaper crises in the morning. I have geography crises. But considering that I am pretty much already off the deep end at this point in the semester (read: finals week/my LEED Green Associate exam are approaching), this was not surprising to me.

Anyway. This led to the downloading of apps on my phone so that I would be able to practice my geography so I would know where Laos and Mali and Turkmenistan are and the names of the seven seas. And as I was downloading said apps, I realized that I was running out of space for them due to the amount of pictures I had on my phone. So I went through and deleted about 600 pictures that I had taken, forgotten about, and left to sit in solitude.

Did you get all that?

Tldr: Here are some random pictures from my iPhone that I forgot about but meant to upload to Instagram/Facebook/this blog at some point that came about as the result of a geography crisis.

First up, a kitty.

IMG_0541 IMG_0554 IMG_0561

She loves looking out the window.

Anyone who knows me knows about my obsession with pigs. These were cookies shaped like pigs. Can’t.


Making my grad cap:

IMG_0644 IMG_0645 IMG_0646 IMG_0647


The finished product.

You don’t even want to know how much time I spent on it. And now I can’t even fit my tassel around the center bump thingy.


The science lab at one of the elementary schools I taught at on my last day:


A few weeks ago, I pulled into one of my usual parking lots on campus to find that someone had left behind their ticket stub for me in the spot I had chosen. Such a random, amazing act of kindness for a broke as in I have negative five figures now poor college student.


Also, a kitty:

IMG_0741The last time Gypsy and I were at the Petsmart we visited after her vet appointment during which we found out she had a UTI, I was taking her home for the first time. Here she is in the child’s seat of the shopping cart (in her carrier, of course). It was nice having someone with me while I shopped as it made my taking to myself seem a little more normal.


Some time ago, my big sister used my phone to try to do an Instagram challenge that her celebrity crush, Jesse Bradford, posted. The trick was to hold a picture of yourself holding a picture of yourself holding a picture of yourself, etc. etc.


My mom and I helped:


My face.

THIS is quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen:

IMG_0877 IMG_0879IMG_0880


And finally, a kitty.


My life is so exciting.

11 days until graduation, you guys.

Right now I’m kinda like

and also kinda like

Sigh. Well, at least my grad cap and my graduation dress (found for me by my boyfriend’s AMAZING mom, by the way) will be awesome!


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