Cinco de Crazy-o

May 5, 2015 § 1 Comment

Early this morning, a little before 1 am, I woke up to some pretty severe pain on the lower right side of my body.

My alarm was set to go off at 1am anyway so I could check the baby cam we have set for our pregnant mare, so I figured I’d awoken due to force of habit. But by 1:15 I was in agony and the pain wasn’t going away.

I was tossing and turning enough to wake up my boyfriend, who took one look at the place I was clutching on my side and leapt out of bed and told me we were going to the emergency room. We both thought it was my appendix.

We got to the hospital just before 2am. Three and a half hours, an IV, some blood tests, a urine sample, a CAT scan, two ultrasounds, an ill-fitting hospital gown and a pair of hospital socks later, the doc came in to the little sectioned-off area where I was laying in my gurney and my poor boyfriend was falling asleep on the chair next to me and announced that all my tests came back normal.

IMG_5711Interestingly, infuriatingly, this isn’t the first time I’ve undergone multiple medical tests only to be told I was fine. Several years ago I was having severe stomach problems (which, in hindsight, were related to anxiety) and no one could diagnose anything even after putting me through almost every test in the book.

But earlier, they gave me two options: Wait out the day in the hospital and see if the pain got worse, or go home, take it easy, and wait it out. Mainly because the IV in my arm was driving me crazy, I said I’d go home. So my boyfriend drove us back to our apartment at 5:30am. We both called into work and slept till noon.

I made an appointment with a general practice doctor for Thursday for a follow up, which I’m looking forward to because I’m still in pain. It’s not as severe as it was when it woke me up, but it’s there.

Of course it’s fitting that I had an advising appointment today and four different people from work called to either make appointments for lessons or new volunteer orientations and one of my classes ends on Friday and I still have to start complete the final and another ends on Sunday – which is Mother’s Day – for which I still have two major assignments AND a final.

Life happens all at once sometimes, doesn’t it?

I suppose I should be thankful they didn’t find anything wrong. But right now I’m just confused and still having dull pain on my lower right side. And exhausted.

I hope everyone’s Cinco de Mayos were better than mine. 😉 At least I had this kitty to curl up next to today after we got home.



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