Week 26 Bumpdate

June 18, 2019 § Leave a comment

Week 26 Bumpdate

Baby is the size of KALE 🥬 which she doesn’t like. (True story. She doesn’t like certain foods!) Sorry, baby girl. You’re kale this week.

Kale is 14 inches long and nearing two pounds, and over the next 14 weeks she’s going to gain at least five or six more! She’s breathing in little bits of amniotic fluid and getting her immune system ready by soaking in my antibodies. The nerves in her ears are more developed too. My favorite update of all is that she has eyelashes now and her eyes will be opening soon. 😍

– I’m listing a craving for the first time in a while because it’s funny to me: queso. Yeah, that gross, synthetic crap that’s probably not edible if it’s not heated up? I can’t get enough of it. Speaking of food, I think terrible thoughts about people who stand between me and food these days. Hanger is a thing, and it’s vicious. Those of you who follow my Instagram stories saw the other day I was stuck behind a van ordering $47 worth of Starbucks for fifteen minutes when all I had ordered was a sandwich and I almost went to war.
– My back is aching like crazy. Heating pads are the best!
– Leg cramps and swollen ankles, as usual. For the past day I’ve had some weird pains in my right leg that I’m associating with soreness in my hip.
– If I’m out in the heat too long I start getting minor Braxton Hicks contractions. 🥵

Things to remember:
– We celebrated Alex’s first Father’s Day Sunday!
– Yesterday we got our carpets cleaned which means soon we’ll be putting together baby’s crib (which came last week!).
– My mom moved around the corner from her house in Anthem into another home and the first thing she said when I walked in was how perfect the great room was going to be for the baby shower in August. I’m so excited for it. The love this baby has received makes my heart swell.
– Not gonna lie, the past week has been hard with the heat and my feeling bigger by the day. I keep telling myself if I can survive the first trimester, I can survive the summer. I also keep reminding myself I need to take it easy, which is difficult for me to do.

Just 14 more weeks till I can hold this precious girl.


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