Week 27 Bumpdate

June 25, 2019 § Leave a comment

Week 27 Bumpdate

Last week of the second trimester!

Baby is the size of lettuce 🥬 (which I guess means lettuce is bigger than both endives and kale?) and is now 14.4 inches long and almost two pounds. Her lungs are continuing to practice breathing and her brain activity is increasing rapidly. And she’s starting to become less wrinkly and more plump as she gains weight! She’s got a lot of fat to put on over the next 13 weeks.

– Heartburn and some acid reflux. I read that because baby is pushing my stomach upward as she grows (rude) this is fairly common.
– Leg cramps. I forgot to put my magnesium spray on my legs one night and I paid for it dearly at 5am the next day when I woke up to an awful charley horse in my leg. It still hurts three days later.
– Back aches. I have a feeling I’ll have these for the next three months as my center of gravity continues to shift!

Things to remember:
– We did our hospital tour last week! From check in to triage to delivery to postnatal suites, we got to explore it all, and we may or may not have gotten super emotional at the thought of pulling up to the hospital for delivery day. Fun fact: the hospital at which I’ll be delivering is where *I* was born! (I was helicoptered over to Phoenix Children’s a few hours afterward, but that’s another story.) How cool would it be if I gave birth on my due date, which is my birthday??
– Baby has been moving like crazy! We can actually see her move if we watch carefully and a few times she’s kicked hard enough to take us by total surprise.
– I went down a YouTube rabbit hole of labor and delivery vlogs as well as all kinds of advice videos on what you actually need in a hospital bag, postnatal care, unmedicated birth advice, the works. Part of me wishes I hadn’t – I’m a little overwhelmed!
– Tomorrow I have my glucose test. Think good thoughts for this girl who is always hungry (and hypoglycemic) who has to fast starting at midnight tonight! 😬


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