Three Months

Three months ago today, I lost my horse after a battle with laminitis. I finally wrote about it. ~ I have turned to words as a means of self-expression for as long as I can remember. The first thing I ever wanted to be in life was a writer. From the time I was a … More Three Months

The Weakest Step

I see her in the mountains. I see her in every saguaro and palo verde and creosote bush. I feel her in every breath of wind and in the sun on my face. I hear her charging across the sky. I look all around me and she is there, breathing life into my aching heart. … More The Weakest Step

A Living Nightmare

I debated even writing about this. About how we – in the last 48 hours – came to the edge of the abyss of losing Heighten.  The edge of the freaking abyss. Neither Jim or I want to relive the nightmare that was Sunday afternoon and Sunday early evening and Sunday night and Monday in the … More A Living Nightmare

Head vs. Heart

I walked into Jim’s house/Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary’s office on a Tuesday morning after I got back from Washington to collect a pile of mail that’d built up in my absence. It was December 27th, and we’d survived another Christmas. I’d been on pins and needles the whole morning, waiting to hear if anything had gone … More Head vs. Heart