The KonMari Method & My Spring Cleaning Mission

March 22, 2015 § Leave a comment

IT’S HIGH TIME I return to blogging, I think. It’s fun to document things that are important in my life at the time for me to reflect on in the future.

One quick side trip, though: I’ll say right now I’ve noticed I have a tendency to filter which things I post online. For example, I like to keep my Facebook posts rather positive and upbeat. I journal everything else I want to be seen by my eyes only, 90% of which turns out to be me just needing to vent and 100% of which doesn’t need to be seen in a public setting.

For those of you who think my life is all roses and sunshine, sometimes it’s not, but I choose to view it that way, and I choose to post it that way! For those that want to follow along, I’ll be blogging roses and sunshine (with a little bit of clouds thrown in for good measure) all up in this Internet – probably on Sundays, my only day off, but blogging nonetheless.

Yeesh, that metaphor was cheesy. Just keep reading, k?

I saw this book on Instagram the other day, promptly bought it, and 20 pages into it I can tell it’s going to change my life.


The author, Marie Kondo, is an expert on tidiness. Yes, that’s a thing, and it’s awesome. Marie talks about the connection between a clean, organized place to live and the rest of one’s life in general: If you have your house in order, she says, you get the rest of your affairs in order as well. People that use her method of tidiness, the KonMari Method, never have untidy homes again and have reported living with more happiness and conviction. I Googled “KonMari Method Before & After” pics and was amazed. Go do it. You’ll be amazed too.

This week I’m going to finish Marie’s book, then starting next Sunday (my homework is calling to me today), I’m going crazy in our apartment using her method. It will be easier now that my boyfriend and I finally went to IKEA last night and bought a dresser for all my clothes. (When I moved out, I left my dresser at my mom’s house so my clothes have been piled up everywhere in our room.) But this method doesn’t just call for straight up cleaning – it apparently calls for some serious discarding. I’ve always been a bit of a hoarder, so this will be interesting. But we live in a 700ish square foot one-bedroom apartment, and I think I could stand to do my part in making it tidier.

Since I know you’re all on the edge of your seats, stay tuned!

In the meantime, I hope you all look for more roses and sunshine. Even if they’re hard to find, they’re always there.


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