Week 13 Bumpdate

March 19, 2019 § Leave a comment

One of the most amazing things Alex and I have experienced over the last two months is the outpour of joy and excitement from our friends and family. This baby was wanted and prayed for more than I could possibly put into words, and seeing how happy he or she has already made those we love – and the two of us especially – is the greatest gift imaginable.

With that in mind – I decided I’d start doing “bumpdates” every Tuesday! I’ll share pictures and fun facts about this growing Ferri for those of you who want to follow along, and also so I can look back years from now on these memories.

So – here’s the start of the bumpdates!

Baby 👶🏼

At 13 weeks baby is the size of a lemon. 🍋 He or she has gone through the most crucial development this trimester in terms of brain development and his/her nervous, digestive, and circulatory systems. As of today he/she is forming teeth and vocal cords! Baby also has little fingerprints and no longer has webbed feet/hands. He/she looks more human with most features already in place although they won’t be able to hear or see for some time! Most precious of all to us is the little heart already hard at work. We’ve had the chance to hear his/her heartbeat at our ultrasounds and that is truly something otherworldly.

The results of my nuchal translucency ultrasound came back the other day and no abnormalities were detected, which was wonderful news. From the bloodwork they’ll be able to tell us the sex within a few weeks, which we’re SO excited about!

Symptoms 🤰🏽
– Nausea and throwing up. All. The Time. This trimester can’t end fast enough!
– Fatigue. The last two months have been the biggest drain on my energy!
– Dizziness. I think this has to do with my already low blood sugar and pressure, which apparently drop further in pregnancy.
– Leg cramps. Apparently this is pretty normal!
– Baby brain. I’ve forgotten words, lost my train of thought while speaking, missed exits while driving… it’s a real thing!

Cravings 😋
Apples, V8 splash, almond milk, crackers, and red meat, which is basically all I can keep down!

Only 13 weeks so far, but I have a feeling time is going to fly!


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