Week 28 Bumpdate

July 2, 2019 § Leave a comment

Week 28 Bumpdate


Baby is the size of an eggplant! 🍆 The best update of all is that she can now open and close her eyes! Apparently their permanent color won’t set in until a month after birth and she won’t be able to see beyond a foot for a while. Also, if she were to be born now that we’ve hit trimester three, the likelihood of her surviving outside of my body is pretty good since her lungs are getting more powerful by the day. (But seriously, little girl – stay in there! I’ve got some final touches to put on you.)

– Not gonna lie, I’m officially starting to feel like a beached whale. 🐳
– Random aches and pains from, you know, a rapidly growing baby.
– Hunger!
– Tiredness. I wouldn’t say fatigue after what I went through in trimester one, but I’m definitely feeling more tired throughout the day.

Things to remember:
– After my glucose test last Wednesday, we saw my doctor for a quick check up. Looking at the ultrasound he said baby is 2 pounds, 7 ounces – and she’s tall like me! Apparently she has very long legs already. Doc mentioned that due to the way she‘s positioned she may be a stomach sleeper, which made us laugh because that’s 100% Alex.
– We put her crib together on Saturday! Sometimes we find ourselves just walking into the nursery to try and imagine her in it.
– I‘ve had a few moments this past week where I’ve thought, “I am DONE being pregnant.” It’s getting a little harder to move around, sit down, get up, bend over, etc. etc. I can only imagine how I’ll feel in 12 weeks.
– All that said, I’m trying to remind myself daily how lucky I am to have a healthy developing baby and a fairly uncomplicated pregnancy. I don’t deny myself my feelings and complaints because they’re valid, but I still want to be grateful for a relatively smooth sailing thus far.
– I’ve been contemplating the future of our family over the past few months and especially over this past week. Sorry to be ambiguous here… but to that end, stay tuned for an announcement on Facebook, Instagram, and the blog tomorrow!

12 more weeks. Just under three more months. Time, keep on flying so I can hold my baby already.


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