Week 29 Bumpdate

July 9, 2019 § Leave a comment

Week 29 Bumpdate

Baby is the size of an acorn squash! She’s around three pounds at this point, and she’s only going to get chunkier as white fat deposits grow under her skin. She has dream cycles already, she’s moving her diaphragm regularly to practice breathing, and she’s starting to run out of room! I can feel her kicking pretty hard now and I know she’s probably saying, “Let me out!” 😂

– Back aches, leg aches, feeling winded all the time, heartburn, hunger… I’m gonna stop there but I have to admit, it’s like someone flipped a switch and suddenly pregnancy got a little more difficult. Wouldn’t trade this for anything, but you know…hurry up, September!

Things to remember
– Ho boy. We had an epic situation with our 15-year-old AC giving out on Saturday evening and us having to pack up two people, a dog, and two cats to go stay with my mom in Anthem until we could get it replaced. Over a few days we got a taste of (human) parenthood what with being up all night with unhappy animals and having to think of ways to keep them comfortable and happy outside our home. (Let’s just say, our doggo does NOT like going potty in a strange place.) Thankfully the AC company we chose could install a temporary AC unit yesterday so we could all go home and they will be here Friday to install our new one.
– I had a scare Sunday when one company came out to give us a quote. Long story short, Alex and I drove to the house with Lucy to meet him and when he knocked on the door I took Lucy upstairs by the collar to put her in our room. But in her protective mode she fought me, slipped out of her collar and bolted back downstairs and her quick movement caused me to fall forward, hard. I landed on my knees and instinctively threw my hands out so I wouldn’t fall on my stomach and everything was all right (besides some skinned knees) but we were scared by the near miss of something awful happening. Alex said he wanted to handle Lucy from now on when she gets that excited.
– On another note, we start our childbirth classes tomorrow at the hospital, and I’m really looking forward to them! I want to learn as much as I possibly can.

11 more weeks. Hurry up, September!


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