Week 21 Bumpdate

May 14, 2019 § Leave a comment

Week 21 Bumpdate

Baby is the size of a carrot! 🥕 She’s also apparently as big as an endive 🥬 which I take to be some sort of lettuce because that’s the emoji that came up when I typed endive. Huh. Guess I don’t know all my vegetables.

What was I talking about again?

Baby girl has eyebrows and eyelids which means soon she’ll be able to open her eyes! She’s big enough now that I feel little flutters a little more frequently. What will be her liver and spleen are making red blood cells and her digestive system is preparing itself for the outside world (I guess all of her is!).

Cravings 🤤
Food. Like all food. All the food. Except for endives.

– Hungry and thirsty all the time.
– Sore legs and occasional foot cramps.
– Random aches and pains in my back, abdomen, hips, and sides. Boy do those twinges of pain scare me! I race to Google symptoms of any little thing out of fear something is wrong. So far, the worst of it has been round ligament pain, which supposedly is normal.
– Baby likes to sit on my bladder. ‘Nuff said.

Things to remember
– It’s getting harder to bend over and kneel down. I’m actually starting to feel big at this point, which I know is ridiculous because I’m only halfway there!
– Speaking of feeling big, I’ve been really self conscious of how much weight I’ve gained the past few months. I keep telling myself I was borderline underweight before so my weight gain is normal. How the hell do women work out during pregnancy – beyond walking – without feeling like death after? Legitimate question, guys. Would love some pregnancy workout suggestions.
– Alex’s birthday is coming up, and I’ve had a lot of fun picking out gifts for him from our baby. 🥰
– My first unofficial Mother’s Day was so surreal! Alex brought me breakfast in bed and got me a card and the sweetest gift. Later we went to dinner at my favorite restaurant. Hard to believe that next year I’ll have a little girl earthside to mother. 💗

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