Week 22 Bumpdate

May 21, 2019 § Leave a comment

Week 22 Bumpdate

Baby is the size of a coconut! 🥥🌴


Sorry. Moana reference there.

Her nose, lips, and eyebrows are more developed, she’s getting little tooth buds under her gums, and she can hear sounds like my breathing and my heartbeat. She can also feel someone touching my stomach. Her eyes are formed but they are still shut and lack pigment – if they’re anything like mine or her daddy’s they’ll be somewhere between green and hazel. Now she’s close to a foot long and weighs a pound!

Symptoms 🤰🏽
– Swollen ankles, feet, and legs. If I’m standing for more than a few hours at a time the discomfort sucks! Elevating my feet helps a lot.
– Stretch marks. Ugh. I thought I could avoid them if I used lotions and coconut oils regularly. Nope! Not that I really tried, mind you.
– Hormones are wack, y’all. Friday I had a meltdown – completely with hysterical sobbing and hiccuping – because I couldn’t find my pink Himalayan salt I use on my eggs and hash browns every morning. I ended up finding it later that day in the pet food cabinet (?🤔?) but at the time I was inconsolable. Over salt.

Things to remember:
– People are starting to comment on the bump in public now that it’s fairly obvious I didn’t just binge eat an entire sleeve of Oreos or something. It amazes me how much joy this little girl already brings to the world without being in it yet! People share in my excitement and it makes me happy.
– I had another job interview last week and wore the same dress I’d worn at the end of last month to a different interview. It was a lot shorter which made me wonder if it’d shrunk in the dryer before I realized my growing bump made it smaller!
– I’m officially rocking slippers around the house these days. Standing on tile for long periods of time hurts!
– Alex found a scorpion by one of the litter boxes the other night (🤢). When I said how worried I’d be about them getting in the crib he looked up ways to scorpion-proof crib legs and is currently going on a personal crusade to find potential buddies around the house. He’s already so protective of his little girl. 😍

Five months down! 💗

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