Week 23 Bumpdate

May 28, 2019 § Leave a comment

Week 23 Bumpdate

Baby is the size of a grapefruit! 🍊⬅️(We’ll pretend that’s a grapefruit.)

She is just under a foot long and weighs as much as a soccer ball. ⚽️ Her little face is fully formed and will be filling out with fat over the next 17 weeks. She is also recognizing sounds from the outside world – so chances are she already knows Lucy’s bark! Blood cells in her lungs are preparing them for the outside world. Best of all, she’s big enough now that the little flutters I’ve been feeling turned to jabs almost overnight. Alex can feel her move with a hand to my stomach now – more on that below!

Symptoms 🤰🏽
– Swollen legs. I’ve never in my life had to deal with swollen legs. This week has been hard as sometimes it’s very uncomfortable to walk! I’m seeing my doctor Thursday for another check up and I’m hoping everything is normal.
– I’ve been so hungry this week – but what else is new? 😂
– Back/hip aches. That’s to be expected – I’m growing a person, after all!

Things to remember:
– Baby always seems to move around more when Alex puts an ear to my stomach to listen to her move. Well, on Sunday morning, she kicked him! It’s the hardest I’ve ever felt her move and for the first time we both felt it. We cried. Now it’s a daily ritual to feel for her kicking!
– Something about getting to month five made me realize that time is going quickly. I’m making a list of everything we need to do before she gets here and dang, I didn’t realize how long that list is.
– We pained her nursery yesterday! I’m so excited to get to work filling it up.
– My mom and sisters and I are going to see RENT at Gammage this week and when my mom texted us all with the plans, she made sure to include “let Alexis pee four times before the show starts.” 😂Seriously, baby girl SITS on my bladder.

The third trimester is around the corner!


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