Things my boyfriend has done since downloading Pokemon Go

July 11, 2016 § Leave a comment

  • walked around our apartment complex at one in the morning
  • driven to trail heads to sit in his car while hunting Pokemon
  • asked me to download the app
  • mourned the fact that our old apartment complex apparently had more Pokestops in it (whatever the hell those are) than our current one does
  • left to get food then returned four hours later
  • walked around popular shopping malls for hours at a time
  • made a Facebook group dedicated to hunting Pokemon at Norterra
  • asked me to download the app
  • ordered a bike so he could ride his bike to hunt more Pokemon
  • asked me on dates specifically to places with Pokestops
  • got really excited over the prospect of walking around in LA (where he’ll be for a week starting tomorrow for work)
  • asked me to download the app
  • referred to our cats as Meowth and Persian
  • willingly volunteered to take the trash down so he could hunt for Pokemon then came back up two minutes later – with the trash still in hand – because the servers were down
  • hinted that he was aware of a Pokemon Go singles group meeting at the end of July
  • said the phrase “weak sauce” non ironically
  • shouted, “There’s Pinsir outside!” and ran out the door
  • asked me to download the app
  • currently driving me absolutely freaking insane

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