The Final Countdown

Single digits. After nearly fifteen months of wedding planning… we’re down to single digits before the big day. We’re nine days away from The Wedding (note the capitals), and – while simultaneously answering emails, confirming vendors, sending out final deposits, preparing our honeymoon, finalizing signs, going over the final seating chart, sending off notes to … More The Final Countdown

Things my boyfriend has done since downloading Pokemon Go

walked around our apartment complex at one in the morning driven to trail heads to sit in his car while hunting Pokemon asked me to download the app mourned the fact that our old apartment complex apparently had more Pokestops in it (whatever the hell those are) than our current one does left to get … More Things my boyfriend has done since downloading Pokemon Go

Five Years

Warning: Corniness, cheesiness, and lots of pictures ahead Today marks five years since my boyfriend and I started dating, and I’m trying to figure out how it has been that long. It doesn’t feel like five years. Sometimes, it feels like five minutes. At other times, it feels like there wasn’t ever a formal beginning … More Five Years