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Week 29 Bumpdate

Week 29 Bumpdate

Baby is the size of an acorn squash! She’s around three pounds at this point, and she’s only going to get chunkier as white fat deposits grow under her skin. She has dream cycles already, she’s moving her diaphragm regularly to practice breathing, and she’s starting to run out of room! I can feel her kicking pretty hard now and I know she’s probably saying, “Let me out!” 😂

– Back aches, leg aches, feeling winded all the time, heartburn, hunger… I’m gonna stop there but I have to admit, it’s like someone flipped a switch and suddenly pregnancy got a little more difficult. Wouldn’t trade this for anything, but you know…hurry up, September!

Things to remember
– Ho boy. We had an epic situation with our 15-year-old AC giving out on Saturday evening and us having to pack up two people, a dog, and two cats to go stay with my mom in Anthem until we could get it replaced. Over a few days we got a taste of (human) parenthood what with being up all night with unhappy animals and having to think of ways to keep them comfortable and happy outside our home. (Let’s just say, our doggo does NOT like going potty in a strange place.) Thankfully the AC company we chose could install a temporary AC unit yesterday so we could all go home and they will be here Friday to install our new one.
– I had a scare Sunday when one company came out to give us a quote. Long story short, Alex and I drove to the house with Lucy to meet him and when he knocked on the door I took Lucy upstairs by the collar to put her in our room. But in her protective mode she fought me, slipped out of her collar and bolted back downstairs and her quick movement caused me to fall forward, hard. I landed on my knees and instinctively threw my hands out so I wouldn’t fall on my stomach and everything was all right (besides some skinned knees) but we were scared by the near miss of something awful happening. Alex said he wanted to handle Lucy from now on when she gets that excited.
– On another note, we start our childbirth classes tomorrow at the hospital, and I’m really looking forward to them! I want to learn as much as I possibly can.

11 more weeks. Hurry up, September!

Week 28 Bumpdate

Week 28 Bumpdate


Baby is the size of an eggplant! 🍆 The best update of all is that she can now open and close her eyes! Apparently their permanent color won’t set in until a month after birth and she won’t be able to see beyond a foot for a while. Also, if she were to be born now that we’ve hit trimester three, the likelihood of her surviving outside of my body is pretty good since her lungs are getting more powerful by the day. (But seriously, little girl – stay in there! I’ve got some final touches to put on you.)

– Not gonna lie, I’m officially starting to feel like a beached whale. 🐳
– Random aches and pains from, you know, a rapidly growing baby.
– Hunger!
– Tiredness. I wouldn’t say fatigue after what I went through in trimester one, but I’m definitely feeling more tired throughout the day.

Things to remember:
– After my glucose test last Wednesday, we saw my doctor for a quick check up. Looking at the ultrasound he said baby is 2 pounds, 7 ounces – and she’s tall like me! Apparently she has very long legs already. Doc mentioned that due to the way she‘s positioned she may be a stomach sleeper, which made us laugh because that’s 100% Alex.
– We put her crib together on Saturday! Sometimes we find ourselves just walking into the nursery to try and imagine her in it.
– I‘ve had a few moments this past week where I’ve thought, “I am DONE being pregnant.” It’s getting a little harder to move around, sit down, get up, bend over, etc. etc. I can only imagine how I’ll feel in 12 weeks.
– All that said, I’m trying to remind myself daily how lucky I am to have a healthy developing baby and a fairly uncomplicated pregnancy. I don’t deny myself my feelings and complaints because they’re valid, but I still want to be grateful for a relatively smooth sailing thus far.
– I’ve been contemplating the future of our family over the past few months and especially over this past week. Sorry to be ambiguous here… but to that end, stay tuned for an announcement on Facebook, Instagram, and the blog tomorrow!

12 more weeks. Just under three more months. Time, keep on flying so I can hold my baby already.

Week 27 Bumpdate

Week 27 Bumpdate

Last week of the second trimester!

Baby is the size of lettuce 🥬 (which I guess means lettuce is bigger than both endives and kale?) and is now 14.4 inches long and almost two pounds. Her lungs are continuing to practice breathing and her brain activity is increasing rapidly. And she’s starting to become less wrinkly and more plump as she gains weight! She’s got a lot of fat to put on over the next 13 weeks.

– Heartburn and some acid reflux. I read that because baby is pushing my stomach upward as she grows (rude) this is fairly common.
– Leg cramps. I forgot to put my magnesium spray on my legs one night and I paid for it dearly at 5am the next day when I woke up to an awful charley horse in my leg. It still hurts three days later.
– Back aches. I have a feeling I’ll have these for the next three months as my center of gravity continues to shift!

Things to remember:
– We did our hospital tour last week! From check in to triage to delivery to postnatal suites, we got to explore it all, and we may or may not have gotten super emotional at the thought of pulling up to the hospital for delivery day. Fun fact: the hospital at which I’ll be delivering is where *I* was born! (I was helicoptered over to Phoenix Children’s a few hours afterward, but that’s another story.) How cool would it be if I gave birth on my due date, which is my birthday??
– Baby has been moving like crazy! We can actually see her move if we watch carefully and a few times she’s kicked hard enough to take us by total surprise.
– I went down a YouTube rabbit hole of labor and delivery vlogs as well as all kinds of advice videos on what you actually need in a hospital bag, postnatal care, unmedicated birth advice, the works. Part of me wishes I hadn’t – I’m a little overwhelmed!
– Tomorrow I have my glucose test. Think good thoughts for this girl who is always hungry (and hypoglycemic) who has to fast starting at midnight tonight! 😬

Week 26 Bumpdate

Week 26 Bumpdate

Baby is the size of KALE 🥬 which she doesn’t like. (True story. She doesn’t like certain foods!) Sorry, baby girl. You’re kale this week.

Kale is 14 inches long and nearing two pounds, and over the next 14 weeks she’s going to gain at least five or six more! She’s breathing in little bits of amniotic fluid and getting her immune system ready by soaking in my antibodies. The nerves in her ears are more developed too. My favorite update of all is that she has eyelashes now and her eyes will be opening soon. 😍

– I’m listing a craving for the first time in a while because it’s funny to me: queso. Yeah, that gross, synthetic crap that’s probably not edible if it’s not heated up? I can’t get enough of it. Speaking of food, I think terrible thoughts about people who stand between me and food these days. Hanger is a thing, and it’s vicious. Those of you who follow my Instagram stories saw the other day I was stuck behind a van ordering $47 worth of Starbucks for fifteen minutes when all I had ordered was a sandwich and I almost went to war.
– My back is aching like crazy. Heating pads are the best!
– Leg cramps and swollen ankles, as usual. For the past day I’ve had some weird pains in my right leg that I’m associating with soreness in my hip.
– If I’m out in the heat too long I start getting minor Braxton Hicks contractions. 🥵

Things to remember:
– We celebrated Alex’s first Father’s Day Sunday!
– Yesterday we got our carpets cleaned which means soon we’ll be putting together baby’s crib (which came last week!).
– My mom moved around the corner from her house in Anthem into another home and the first thing she said when I walked in was how perfect the great room was going to be for the baby shower in August. I’m so excited for it. The love this baby has received makes my heart swell.
– Not gonna lie, the past week has been hard with the heat and my feeling bigger by the day. I keep telling myself if I can survive the first trimester, I can survive the summer. I also keep reminding myself I need to take it easy, which is difficult for me to do.

Just 14 more weeks till I can hold this precious girl.

Week 25 Bumpdate

Week 25 Bumpdate

🎉3/5 of the way there!🎉

Baby is the size of a cauliflower! She’s 13.5 inches long, weighs a pound and a half, and is gaining more fat each day. Her little hands can grasp things too and she knows which way is up and down (how cool is that?). I feel her move with regularity now, when I’ve been sitting down for a while or in the early mornings as the sun is rising. I’m convinced that dawn is her favorite time of day. 🥰

Symptoms 🤰🏽
– I’m hungry! SO hungry, no matter what I eat, all the time.
– Leg cramps every now and then.
– I feel like swollen legs and ankles have been slightly better this week, but they’re still there.
– It’s getting harder and harder to bend over! 🤣Pretty soon someone else will be tying my shoes.

Things to remember:
– I started tracking calories the other day and changing some of my eating habits because according to every professional reference I’ve read, I’m, like, 20 pounds over where I should be at this point. Ugh. I’m struggling a bit with this and hoping some light exercise and better food will help. I’m starting prenatal yoga tomorrow – my first yoga class EVER – so think good thoughts for me.
– I ordered baby’s crib and mattress last week. I’m starting to feel the need to get her nursery totally ready to go even though I’m barely at month six. It’s really, really important to me that it’s EXACTLY how I want it, and I want plenty of time to get it done. Must be the nesting instinct!
– I also scheduled maternity pictures for the end of July (yay!) and started making a hospital bag checklist. Type A problems, guys.
– Speaking of hospitals, our hospital tour is next week, and my gestational diabetes test the week after that. Some days it feels like I’ve been pregnant forever, and others I swear time is just flying.

15ish more weeks until we can finally hold this little girl. 🎀💗

Week 24 Bumpdate

Week 24 Bumpdate

Baby is the size of a cantaloupe! 🍈 Her brain is developing more and more; she has sleep and wake cycles now and is developing thoughts and memories! Her skin is gradually becoming more opaque and has a pinkish tint. And I feel her move with regularity now. 😍

Symptoms 🤰🏽
– Swollen legs, ankles, and feet. Slippers are life.
– Pregnancy brain. I’m forgetting things all the time and am slow to respond when people ask me stuff. 🤣
– Pregnancy rage. Seriously, this is a thing for me! I don’t know why, but the most insignificant things make me so angry lately! I’ve started using self checkout at the grocery store for full loads because I about lost my mind one day when the clerks threw my groceries in my bags. At RENT last week the rude security guards tried to take my electrolyte water (who does that to a pregnant woman??) and you better believe I made a scene until they let me through. I’m blaming hormones on this one!

Things to remember
– We told some of our immediate family her name! After feeling her move more and more we decided we were ready for some of the family to know. Referring to her by name now makes it feel much more real.
– While seeing RENT on Friday I swear she was dancing during some of the songs since she can hear the outside world and moved like crazy! My mom arranged our seats so that I could sit in an aisle seat, which was amazing as I had to get up seven times throughout the night.
– I scheduled our hospital tour for the end of June and childbirth classes for July. I don’t know where the time is going!
– Some time ago my mom set the date for our family baby shower and it happens to be on Alex’s and my ninth dating anniversary, which I think is just the coolest.

Almost 3/5 of the way there!

Week 23 Bumpdate

Week 23 Bumpdate

Baby is the size of a grapefruit! 🍊⬅️(We’ll pretend that’s a grapefruit.)

She is just under a foot long and weighs as much as a soccer ball. ⚽️ Her little face is fully formed and will be filling out with fat over the next 17 weeks. She is also recognizing sounds from the outside world – so chances are she already knows Lucy’s bark! Blood cells in her lungs are preparing them for the outside world. Best of all, she’s big enough now that the little flutters I’ve been feeling turned to jabs almost overnight. Alex can feel her move with a hand to my stomach now – more on that below!

Symptoms 🤰🏽
– Swollen legs. I’ve never in my life had to deal with swollen legs. This week has been hard as sometimes it’s very uncomfortable to walk! I’m seeing my doctor Thursday for another check up and I’m hoping everything is normal.
– I’ve been so hungry this week – but what else is new? 😂
– Back/hip aches. That’s to be expected – I’m growing a person, after all!

Things to remember:
– Baby always seems to move around more when Alex puts an ear to my stomach to listen to her move. Well, on Sunday morning, she kicked him! It’s the hardest I’ve ever felt her move and for the first time we both felt it. We cried. Now it’s a daily ritual to feel for her kicking!
– Something about getting to month five made me realize that time is going quickly. I’m making a list of everything we need to do before she gets here and dang, I didn’t realize how long that list is.
– We pained her nursery yesterday! I’m so excited to get to work filling it up.
– My mom and sisters and I are going to see RENT at Gammage this week and when my mom texted us all with the plans, she made sure to include “let Alexis pee four times before the show starts.” 😂Seriously, baby girl SITS on my bladder.

The third trimester is around the corner!